Fully automatic bean to cup - configured your way ✅

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Published Tue, 15 Sep 2020 10:00

Esprecious series;

adaptable, capable, desirable.
The Esprecious series is simple to operate, attractive to look at, and thanks to the technology inside, very adaptable. Fully automatic bean to cup designed with the beverage and operator in mind.

It's all about you getting your coffee, your way.
Want to enjoy fresh milk?

Simply add a Fresh Milk unit which has been designed specifically to deliver steamed milk in the correct way for a perfect cappuccino, latte, or beverage of your choice. Read more...
Want the ease of soluble milk?
By simply using quality freeze-dried milk products the Esprecious will produce delicious beverages that look just like those made with fresh milk. (without the associated maintenance.) Read more...
Need coffee on the go?
All versions of the Esprecious series are also available as the Esprecious GO free-standing self-service tower. Same quality, same reliability. Full self-service with payment systems. Read more...
We offer payment systems!
We have card and contactless payment solutions via the Payter P68 all-in-one terminal. Support all types of card with tap, dip and swipe.  We also offer coin and token systems as required.
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15 September 2020

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