Decanters, thermos, and airpots

We have an extensive range of decanters especially designed to be used either with or next to our machines. Beside the glass, shatterproof and stainless steel decanters the range consists of a number of thermos decanters and airpots with a strong insulating function.

Glass decanter

content 1.7 ltr

Shatter proof decanter

content 1.7 ltr

Stainless steel decanter

content 1.7 or 2.2 ltr

Airpot Furento

to enjoy hot coffee or tea for a long time

Airpot station

for airpots and accessories

Vacuum flask

with rotary lid 1.9 ltr

Vacuum flask

for serving coffee and tea

Vacuum flask brew through

lid with brew-through opening


elegant vacuum flasks in various sizes

Vacuum flask

content 0.9 ltr

Thermos dispenser Aurora

portable dispense unit of 5.7 ltr