Kit for Sego CCC app

The Contactless Coffee Control kit has been specially developed for the Sego espresso machine. Employees and visitors can use the Contactless Coffee Control app to easily grab a touch-free coffee in the office or elsewhere, just by using their own smartphone.

In fact the app replaces the function of the touchscreen. The intuitive app is centred around a single function: making coffee without touching the coffee machine. It includes Sego’s coffee specialties and your personal preferences, even if you changed the drink names.

No smartphone to hand? Don’t worry you can still use the Sego touchscreen.

Reliable NFC technology

The app communicates via NFC with the Sego. Download the Sego CCC app in the Google Play Store or iOS App Store, hold your smartphone near the NFC holder, then put your cup in place, select, connect again and press start.

Does your company already have a Sego?

Then you only need the Sego CCC app kit. This kit includes a modified holder, USB cable, sticker and NFC reader that can communicate with most smartphones. The minimum requirements for the Contactless Coffee Control app are Android version 6.0 and iOS version 13.

Please read our news item for more information about the Sego CCC app.

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