Other accessories

A brush to clean your coffee machine, a lid for a coffee container or the one and only Bravilor Bonamat scoop? We've thought of everything; find all other accessoires for your coffee machine here.

Marine fixation set

for Mondo and Matic

Decanter rack

for use on ships

Fixation set

for round filter machines

Fixation set

for filter coffee machines

Lockable lid

Anti-wave plate


for cleaning

Canister brush

for cleaning the instant canister

Container lid V and VG

Container lid VHG


Fixing bolts


Funnel blue

Funnel white

Gauge glass brush

Ingredient box

Measuring jug

Measuring spoon

for the right amount of coffee


for container round filter machines

Parking bracket

Quick tapping tubes

to fill cups and decanters

Sticker Coffee

Sticker Hot water

Sticker Tea

Swivel outlet

easy filling decanters or vacuum flasks

Tip-up plate

Wall console

Waste chute

for Esprecious

Pump set

pump with wires

Extension set

for bean canister

Extension set

for bean canister

Waste chute

for fresh brew series

Waste bin

for cabinet

Lid HWA-series

magnets included

Conversion kit

for FreshMilk

7 litre container

for FreshMilk

Waste bin

for Sego

Conversion set lock

for Esprecious

Water divider

for filter pan

Barista blackboard set


For espresso, instant and fresh brew equipment.

Kit for Sego CCC app

for Sego

Drainage set

for water drainage

Fan cover

for instant ventilators

Water connection set

For Sprso

Cold water conversion kit

for Bolero series

4 litre container

for Sego L

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