Office coffee station turns into multiple coffee corners

Is this the new normal or a temporary issue?

The European coffee associations have noticed that more and more offices are switching to decentralised coffee corners. Where, previously, colleagues from an entire floor gathered at the corporate coffee station, the focus now lies on creating a number of small coffee corners. In this way, employers are helping to respect the social-distancing guidelines and thus reducing the risk of corona-virus infection.

Bravilor Bonamat has three filter coffee machines which are well worth the investment to satisfy the wishes of employees, visitors and customers, and certainly now.

Filter coffee machines

We highlight the Novo, Iso and TH with airpots. These coffee makers do not require a permanent water supply; they are simply filled by hand. This means the machines are flexible and highly suited to temporary locations. 


 Novo                   Iso                        TH            



TH with airpots

Brew 1 jug of 1.7 litres in 5 minutes

The Novo has two hot plates; you can also add another glass jug to offer more coffee in one go.

Brew 1 thermos of 2 litres in 6 minutes

The Iso brews the coffee directly in a thermos. This makes it easy to serve drinks in offices or meeting rooms.

Brew 1 airpot of 2.2 litres in 7 minutes

The TH brews directly into an airpot. This makes it easy to serve drinks in offices or meeting rooms.

Note that you’ll need to order the airpot separately as you can choose from various colours.

Meets demand of the flourishing to-go market too

These quick filter machines are also perfect for temporary pop-up and to-go locations. In cities like New York the to-go market is a permanent part of daily life. As a result of the corona crisis we are also seeing more pop-up locations appear with coffee to go, all over the world. Indeed, many hospitality businesses have now installed a to-go collection point for coffee and treats. Trendwatchers believe that coffee collections will remain popular.

Available from stock

Our machines are in stock in the Netherlands. Order the machines today and pick up can be scheduled shortly after.


For further information, please contact the Sales department via e-mail or call +31 (072) 575 1751.


23 June 2020

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