CIRCO brewer

CIRCO brewer

The CIRCO brewer has been developed and engineered for the latest Bravilor Bonamat espresso machines in response to the increasing demand for bean-to-cup vending machines in the OCS (Office Coffee Service) segment. The unique compact round shape of the brewer allows us to keep the espresso machines small.

Pressure is essential for intense flavours. The CIRCO brewer develops that pressure to get the most out of your freshly ground beans. The unique pump control of the brewer guarantees a constant extraction time —the contact time between the water and the freshly ground coffee beans— which is the critical factor in achieving a really good espresso. This also allows you to adjust the beverage settings easily.

NSF certified

The CIRCO brewer is NSF certified, meaning that it meets public health and environmental safety standards. This certification recognises how easy it is to remove, dismantle and clean the CIRCO brewer, thereby greatly simplifying daily maintenance. The automatic rinsing programme of the machines ensure that the in-cup quality remains high, time after time.

Enjoy the benefits

  • Espresso with a delicious crema layer
  • Constant the best coffee quality
  • Compact round shape; takes up little space
  • Made from high quality materials ensuring its accuracy and reliability
  • NSF certified
  • Easily removed, dismantled, cleaned and replaced
  • Capacity for 6 to 18 grams of ground coffee
  • Overall: uncomplicated for users enhancing professional technology

Patented Bravilor Bonamat technology

With the CIRCO brewer you will benefit from many practical features such as ease of use, consistent quality every brew, quick and easy preparation.

Bravilor Bonamat developed the CIRCO brewer to be compact and maintenance friendly, and succeeded!

CIRCO brewer in Sego espresso machine

This video shows how easy it is to remove the CIRCO brewer from an espresso machine, to clean the parts and to eventually replace the service parts. 

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