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Sego espresso machine

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Esprecious 11L

for coffees with fresh milk

B20 HW

1 brewing system/hot water tap/2 containers 20 ltr

FreshMore XL 330 Touch

for ground coffee and 2 instant ingredients

Rivero Turbo 203

for 2 Bag-In-Box containers

Matic Twin

2 brewing systems and 4 decanters

HCM 510

large quantities (10 litres) of hot chocolate milk


Our hot water dispensing range was never bigger

Bravilor Bonamat is expanding its range of professional hot water machines even further. After coffee, tea is the most popular hot drink worldwide, so it is only logical that Bravilor Bonama...



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Sprso espresso machine

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Serve different coffee blends with Aurora

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