Bravilor Bonamat extends successful Sego espresso range

In the UK we love our cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites - a rich espresso topped off with milk... what's not to like?! Delicious espresso-based coffees are not just for the high street and now you can easily enjoy them in the workplace too. In current times we have become very aware of social distancing and many businesses are considering smaller coffee areas instead of larger communal ones. 

We have listened to these trends and spoken with our dealers so now is the perfect time to extend our Sego product line. 

Three years ago we launched the Sego as a compact and capable bean to cup machine for locations where up to 60 coffees per day are required. The original Sego used soluble milk but tastes have evolved and now, so has the Sego. 

Introducing the Sego L Fresh Milk 

We have taken the already popular Sego and added fresh milk in one integrated compact unit.  The Sego L Fresh Milk has the same capacity, small footprint (only 85mm deeper) and adaptability of recipes and drink selections – in fact, you can have up to 30 drinks on the touch screen menu thanks to the ability to swipe across the selections. 

Why is it called the Sego L Fresh Milk? We are a multinational company and we couldn’t keep the new Sego all to ourselves in the UK! L stands for Lait, Leche and of course Latte - a favourite drink recognisable across the world. 
“The Sego has always been a popular choice for the office coffee markets but with the addition of fresh milk and accessories increasing the capacity the Sego becomes a real alternative to larger bean to cup machines. We have priced the Sego L Fresh Milk competitively so smaller companies or locations with a lower demand can also enjoy delicious coffee varieties” says Keith Baldwin, Managing Director, Bravilor Limited. 
We have maintained the Segos practical benefits; simple operation, fast preparation, and consistently high-quality coffee. Furthermore, the Sego is made from durable materials, designed for long, trouble-free operation and is supported by our in house technical team, national service agents and online tutorials for day to day maintenance. 
The stainless-steel grinder ensures perfectly ground coffee to your chosen level (coarse or fine) and the patented CIRCO brewer brings out the full flavour thanks to the right extraction and preparation time. 

When we think of fresh milk the associated maintenance comes to mind. Thanks to our patent-pending ‘clean-in-place’ rinsing system, the milk hose and milk frother will only require minimal cleaning via the built-in program. 10 minutes after every milk coffee specialty, the Sego L Fresh Milk automatically rinses the milk hoses clean with water ensuring optimal hygiene. 
Together with the arrival of Sego L Fresh Milk we are also introducing several new accessories such as a professional milk fridge and a raiser set to increase capacity.  

Payment systems can be used across the Sego range and telemetry is available to enable remote management, audit and event management – ask us for more information.  

22 March 2021

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