UK Manufacturing Defect Warranty 1Y2Y

One year labour, two year parts (1Y2Y)
Manufacturing defect warranty provided by Bravilor Limited

Scope of cover

This is the manufacturing defect warranty supplied by Bravilor Limited for the products listed below within the Mainland United Kingdom. This manufacturing defect warranty and its terms are deemed as agreed to by placing an order for a Bravilor products. These terms and conditions form part of our standard terms and conditions of sale.

Machines situated outside of the mainland United Kingdom or above the Caledonian Canal in Scotland will only be subject to the parts only cover of this warranty. For machines delivered to sites offshore replacement warranty parts will be delivered free of charge to a maintain UK delivery address only.

Machines covered under this warranty are as follows (this is not all products manufactured under the Bravilor brand);

Espresso machines

Quick filter machines

FreshBrew machines




Esprecious L


FreshOne G

Fresh Milk






Instant machines


FreshGround XL



Hot water machines

Bolero XL

Table-top machines

HWA series

Bolero Turbo

RLX series

HM series

Bolero Turbo XL

Round filter machines

Thermal brewers


B series



B HW series


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Warranty term

The standard warranty starts from the date of despatch from Bravilor Limited, ‘date of despatch’.
Labour cover is provided by an authorised service agent for 365 days from the date of despatch.
Parts cover is provided for 730 days from the date of despatch.

Labour cover is provided in the mainland United Kingdom only.


This is a manufacturing defect warranty only. This means that parts and components that fail within the warranty term due to a manufacturing defect will be repaired or replaced free of charge as determined by the authorised agent or Bravilor Limited. For the avoidance of doubt the manufacturing defect warranty does not include fascia panels, branding panels, the glass components of decanters and airport or accessories.

A illustrative list of common issues that are not a manufacturing defects have been provided below. This list is not exhaustive;

  • Poor water quality or lime-scale
  • Unsuitable or non-functioning water pressure or supply
  • Unsuitable or non-functioning electrical supply
  • Unsuitable or non-functioning water drainage
  • Any site issue (a problem not physically with the machine itself) with the water, power or waste
  • Failed lighting
  • Failure to follow the cleaning or maintenance instructions in the provided booklet or machine software
  • Failure to de-scale the machine
  • Loss of any component
  • Incorrect assembly or damage cause by incorrect assembly of components
  • Breakage of any glass components
  • Dents or physical damage to panels or moldings
  • Adjustment of any machine programming after installation
  • Problems with external water treatment systems

Non warranty and being charged

Any fault or issue that is not a manufacturing defect will become chargeable. You will be charged at the prevailing rate by the nominated engineer or one of our authorised service agents. Charges may vary depending on the authorised agent or engineer you have chosen to use and Bravilor Limited does not control this pricing.

It is the responsibility of the person placing a service call to be fully aware of the authorised agents charging and payment terms before entering into a legal contract with them. The person placing the service call is agreeing the call originator will pay all charges to the authorised agent or engineer should they arise during the course of the repair.


Any modification made to any machine without the express written permission from Bravilor Limited will immediately and without prejudice void all and any manufacturing defect warranty. Only work carried out by an authorised service agent can be warranted under this manufacturing defect warranty.

Right to appeal

Should you receive a bill for a repair or replacement which you feel should be covered under the manufacturing defect warranty you may appeal this charge directly with the nominated agent or engineer. If in the unlikely event this delivers an unsatisfactory outcome you may escalate the warranty cover decision to Bravilor Limited by writing to We aim to make a ruling on this appeal within 14 days and this ruling is deemed to be final. Please ensure you have provided all the information you wish to be considered in your email to us.

Restrictions and exclusions

This manufacturing defect warranty covers manufacturing defects only. This does not include wear and tear. Labour cover is provided when using an authorized agent only. Labour cover is provided in the mainland United Kingdom and below the Caledonian Canal.

Bravilor Limited will not provide payment or compensation to service agents or other organisations for warranty work or repairs. The method for the issue of parts under warranty will be at the discretion of Bravilor Limited in these cases.


If you have any questions relating to this manufacturing defect warranty contact us on 01184 021 621 or

Issue date: 25/07/2018

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