Our R&D department strives continually to design and refine the most sustainable and user friendly coffee machines and hot water dispensers.  When developing new techniques, updated designs and modern applications, we always view ease of use as the number one priority. The frequent use of touch screens and close attention to the design of the user interface and connectivity support this strategy.   

Quality and testing

Multidisciplinary teams ensure that no aspect of the design process is disregarded. When we are developing a coffee machine, delivery of perfect taste and different ingredients is of primary importance; but hygiene, maintenance and design are also essential aspects. In view of our broad international clientele, the R&D department devotes a great deal of time and effort to satisfying various different quality marks. Demands in the field of safety and hygiene often vary greatly from one market to another.  

Bravilor Bonamat performs many tests to ensure quality and reliability. We always make prototypes and pre-production series, which are then tested intensively. Modern facilities such as 3D CAD software, a 3D rapid prototype printer, our own model shop, laboratory and climatic test room support these activities.

Patents and renewals

The R&D department frequently comes up with innovative and patentable ideas and converts them into products. The CIRCO brewer is an example of this; this unique rotational brewer, used in the Sego espresso machine, not only ensures perfect coffee extraction but can also be easily dismantled and cleaned. 

Bravilor Bonamat is well known as a manufacturer of coffee machines, and in addition has proven expertise in hot water technology. For example, we developed a patented hot water system which operates without valves; valves are notoriously prone to requiring maintenance attention, but our valveless technology eliminates this requirement, thereby ensuring a reduction in down-time. This reliable hot water solution is used in many Bravilor Bonamat coffee machines.   

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