Quality and sustainability

Quality is a common thread throughout our organisation. It is one reason why our products have been seen as reliable, high-quality and sustainable ever since 1948. We take pride in this and we aim to incorporate quality throughout our organisation: quality is essential to the process of product development, choice of materials, operation of machines and behaviour of our professional employees. 

ISO 9001 certified

Thus we have been certified to ISO 9001 for Quality Management since 1992. Quality management is fully integrated into our business. Our quality management system contributes to our ability to continuously deliver products and services that meet the expectations of our customers and satisfy the applicable regulations. Quality guides us in monitoring risks, taking preventive measurements and ensuring that we fully exploit opportunities. 


Product certification is key to ensuring the quality of our products. Many of our products, machines and parts, are certified. Certification confirms that our beverage preparation systems are in compliance with the local regulations for the markets that we serve.

AEO Certificate

Bravilor Bonamat is in the possession of the AEO certificate. AEO stands for Authorized Economic Operator. The AEO concept implies that Custom Authorities issue a certificate to companies that have proved to control their customs and other obligations of the international goods transport. The AEO certificate is valid in the European Union.

With this certificate our goods are subject to fewer controls and when custom control is in order anyway our shipments will be given preferential treatment.


For us as a company the broad concept of sustainability means our responsibility to future generations, to be in balance with the environment and practise economy in the consumption of resources. Bravilor Bonamat conducts its business in a way that achieves this balance; for instance we reprocess scrap materials and minimise our residual waste. 

Since the year 2010 the factory at Heerhugowaard has been certified to ISO 14001 for environmental management. This illustrates our success in this area and demonstrates our effective control of business processes and environmental risks. By taking measures at a policy and organisational level we systematically contribute to minimising the burden on the environment. A better environment starts with the actions of each individual person.

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