FreshGround XL 233

The FRESHGROUND™ satisfies the demand for a consistent, delicious taste experience, cup after cup, even in high consumption locations. Create your own unique specialty beverage menu to meet consumers ever expanding drink preferences. Up to 96 beverage choices and sizes are easily available by scrolling through the user friendly interface.



  • Bean hopper capacity: 2 x 4-5 lbs./ 2 x 2.2 kilos.
  • Soluble hopper capacity: 3 x 2 lbs./ 3 x 1.3 liters.
  • User friendly touchscreen.
  • Up to 96 beverages choices: 4 touch screens, 8 beverages per screen, in 3 drink sizes. 
  • Bypass mode for larger cup sizes. Dispenses larger drinks in a single release.
  • Individual strength setting options.
  • Low maintenance features such as automatic descaling and rinsing programs.
  • Patented hot water system that keeps scaling to a minimum, keeping the brewer cleaner, longer.
  • Mixing chambers are infused with a Teflon™ polymer to reduce powder caking.
  • MDB functionality.

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  • Coffee
  • Cappuccino
  • Mocha
  • Decaf Coffee
  • Decaf Late
  • Decaf Mocha
  • Decaf Cappuccino
  • Latte
Water connection
  • Stainless dark
  • 120V
Article Number
  • FreshGround XL 233 Stainless dark

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