Rivero Turbo 203

The Rivero Turbo 203 serves two kinds of hot beverages, and can even serve them simultaneously. Choose your two favourite coffee blends for the Bag-In-Box containers. The machine can also serve hot water from a separate outlet.

Rivero Turbo 203 features

  • 2 Bag-In-Box containers of long-life liquid concentrate.
  • 2 hot drinks (serving simultaneously).
  • Separate push button for hot water.
  • Extremely user-friendly operation thanks to clear push buttons.
  • Cup lighting and cup sensors.
  • High ROI thanks to the patented hot water system (less susceptible to scaling).
  • Perfectly suited as a front-of-house solution!

The Rivero Turbo machines feature as standard an energy saving mode, descaling program and rinsing program. The machines indicate when descaling is necessary, when the drip-tray is full and when a Bag-In-Box container needs to be replaced.

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  • Coffee
  • Coffee decaf
  • Hot water
Brewing time
  • 12 seconds
Water pressure
  • 1 bar
Water connection
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