Bravilor Bonamat is expanding and has opened a second factory in Poland

Bravilor is expanding both its range of products and also its production activities. On 7 September 2018 Bravilor Bonamat opened its second factory, at Białystok in Poland. The main purpose of the Białystok plant is to produce plastic parts and sub-assemblies which will be supplied to the Netherlands for incorporation into finished products.

The new factory at Białystok is equipped initially with five injection moulding machines of various sizes. The intention in future is to double this number. The factory also includes some production lines for production of various sub-assemblies. Naturally the factory is equipped with advanced measuring equipment to ensure that the items it manufactures satisfy the high quality demanded for the Bravilor Bonamat range of beverage preparation systems.

In the longer term the Białystok plant will also undertake the production of high-end products for the domestic market. The metalworking activities as well as the assembly of Bravilor Bonamat’s range of professional products for the commercial market will continue to be performed in the Netherlands.
By opening a second plant Bravilor Bonamat will gain greater flexibility regarding the availability and quality of parts required for its equipment. This is an important strategic development for Bravilor Bonamat in respect of the quality, continuity and reliability of its products.

1 October 2018