The all new Bolero series

Ready, set, BOLERO!

Proven technology, speed and efficiency

If you require speed and efficiency the Bolero series is the perfect solution for serving coffee specialties, hot chocolate and tea. This is why we have improved the Bolero series and are proud to launch something really special. Speed, efficiency and great design.

Improved design
The improvements do, of course, make the machine look attractive on the outside, but the simplicity also directs users to the touch screen interface where beverage selection is intuitive. We have also made internal improvements to components making the Bolero series even more durable, capable of withstanding the high demands it has been manufactured to meet.

External communication
Coming soon... a scheduled software update will enable the new Bolero series to accept card and contactless payment. (Via an additional MDB service set). Telemetry connectivity will also offer many opportunities, for example, planning routing processes to reduce machine downtime and remote monitoring.

The all new range

We have kept the Bolero range similar but you will notice we have simplified the names. The names are designed to help you identify the machine you want quickly and easily.

Bolero 11

The Bolero 11 features one large instant canister. This model serves one hot beverage, for example hot chocolate or coffee. Note that we offer two models: with and without hot water. The separate hot water tap provides hot water for tea. 

Bolero 21

With two canisters, you can fill one canister with instant coffee and the other with topping (milk powder). This allows you to serve coffee specialties such as cappuccino, caffè latte and latte macchiato. The Bolero 21 is also available with and without the additional hot water tap.   

Bolero 32

The Bolero 32 has three ingredient canisters and this gives you the following menu options; coffee, crema coffee, caffè latte, cappuccino (dark), (double) espresso, latte macchiato, Wiener melange, moccachino, hot chocolate, chocolate deluxe, espreschoc, and espresso-choc.

Bolero 43

The Bolero 43 is our most popular model and has four canisters with the same drink options as listed above for the Bolero 32.
The additional canister allows you to, for example,  add a different coffee blend for espresso based drinks.


In addition to the instant Bolero machines we offer the Solo, a separate dispenser for hot chocolate. Simply press the button and hot chocolate pours into your cup. The amount of water and cocoa can be programmed to your preferred cup size.

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20 September 2021

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