Our hot water dispensing range was never bigger

Bravilor Bonamat is expanding its range of professional hot water machines even further. After coffee, tea is the most popular hot drink worldwide, so it is only logical that Bravilor Bonamat has replaced its hot water range with a completely new product line.

HWA 6(D), 14(D), and 21
Earlier this year, Bravilor Bonamat launched five new HWA machines, developed to meet the current needs of the customer. For example, the machines take up little space thanks to the narrow product design and compact footprint.

The 6D and 14D models feature automatic dosing buttons that automatically fill each cup, making them ideal for busy hospitality businesses. The models with a free-flow drain valve are for manual use and fill each cup, mug, or carafe quickly with the desired amount of water. The automatic refill system ensures that hot water is always immediately available.

Of course, the machines are made of high-quality materials, equipped with energy-efficient software, sensors, and good insulation. In addition, they are equipped with an ECO button to avoid unnecessary energy consumption. The machine can also be personalised with the customer’s design or logo.

HWA 8 and HWA 12
The range has also been expanded this summer with two HWA containers. These kettles can be connected to a fixed water supply, but can also be filled with water manually. The containers are ideal for temporary locations or events. Connoisseurs know that the right water temperature is essential for a nice cup of tea. These containers can be set to the exact temperature, between 45ºC and 95ºC.

As you would expect from Bravilor Bonamat, the machines are designed to perform maintenance quickly and easily. For example, the machines do not have a spiral in the boiler area; limescale deposits are kept to a minimum and the machines can be easily cleaned with a cloth.

This recent addition completes the ‘hot water’ range, meaning that Bravilor Bonamat can offer a suitable solution for every situation. The HWA machines are now available. For more information and specifications, please visit the product pages of the HWA machines on our website.

3 September 2019

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