Conversion kit

The new Esprecious units 11, 12 and 22 are FreshMilk-ready. This means that you can decide (in a later stage) if you would like to connect the Esprecious to a FreshMilk unit. Then you will only be needing this conversion kit. The conversion kit includes among others the: print, tubes, wires, coupling, different outlet and drip-tray for the drainage system.

Note! The conversion kit can only be used with one of the new Esprecious models 11, 12 or 22.

NB When you have purchased the Esprecious 11L or 21L you do not need a conversion kit. The Esprecious L units are already equipped with these conversion parts.

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Article number
  • 7.270.612.101 Conversion kit for Esprecious (as standard) to Esprecious L

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