Kit for Sego CCC app

The Contactless Coffee Control (CCC) kit has been specially developed for the Sego™ espresso machine. It’s a swift and simple to use intuitive app for touchless coffee selection from your mobile device.

The CCC app is centered on a single function: making coffee without touching the Sego™ beverage selection screen. All of the beverage options that are included in your Sego™ menu will be available for touchless selection.

Reliable NFC technology

The app communicates via Near Field Communication (NFC) with the Sego™. The app kit is easily connected to the SEGO™ at the front of the machine and uses Near Field Communication (NFC), the same technology used by other popular mobile device applications. Once set up, consumers can download the free app directly from the front of the SEGO™, or through the Apple App or Google Play Store. The easy to use app is always ready and available to the consumer after the first download and is a seamless and efficient touchless ordering solution.That’s it; no modem, QR scanner or fixed subscription or data cost. Touch less for much less!

The kit includes:

A modified front panel bean display, USB cable, sticker and NFC reader that can communicate with most smart phones. Note: the minimum requirements for the Contactless Coffee Control (CCC) app are Android version 6.0 and iOS version 13.

Please read our news item for more information about the Sego CCC app.

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  • 7.270.626.101 Kit for Sego CCC app

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