Drip-Trays and Pedestals

Each machine is equipped with a matching drip-tray. The drip-trays have been designed such, that they can easily be placed and cleaned. Pedestals for increasing the tap height are available for various machines.

Drip-Tray Airpot

for collecting drops

Drip-Tray Bolero Turbo

for collecting drops

Drip-Tray Esprecious

for collecting drops

Drip-Tray FreshGround

for collecting drops

Pedestal Aurora

to place your coffee cup

Pedestal Aurora

for thermal brewer

Sponge for Drip-Tray Airpot

Drip-tray Sego

Feet Bolero Turbo (XL)

To increase machine height

Pedestal B series

Pedestal Sego

To raise the machine with 150 mm.